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School Meals

Edwards and Blake provide all of our catering in school providing a wide choice of lunch options from hot meals to jacket potatoes and picnic lunches all using fresh locally sourced produce.  Edwards and Blake also provide a wide range of freshly cooked snack options for children in Keystage two for purchase at reasonable prices at break time. Keystage one children are supplied with fresh fruit and vegetables for snack at breaktimes.  Our chef is able to cater for children with specific dietary needs, please feel free to contact the school office to discuss this. Children order their lunch option at morning  registration each day via the interactive whiteboard in each classroom. It is now also possible to pay online for school dinners and select menu choices from home if you wish click here to login or use the guides below to help.


Our latest menu is available for download below:


Applying for Free School Meals

Free school meals are available to famlies who satisfy certain rules regarding income and benefits. If you think you may be enitled to free meals please fill in the application form.

We encourage all famlies entitled to claim to do so even if your child does not take a school meal every day as this unlocks extra funding for the school to use for the benefit of the children.



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